Australian women's experience with Implanon.


AIM To describe Australian women's experiences and acceptability of etonogestrel releasing subdermal contraceptive implant (Implanon). METHODS Six hundred and fifty-one women were recruited at the time of implant insertion and asked to complete a self administered questionnaire immediately after insertion and at 3, 6 and 12 months after insertion. RESULTS Four hundred and seventy-five women aged 15-50 years responded at least once. Forty-one women had the device removed before 3 months, 48 between 3-6 months, and 75 between 6-12 months. Removal was mainly because of side effects, especially frequent or prolonged vaginal bleeding which was the reason for significantly more women to have their device removed (18% at 3, and 37% at 12 months) compared to women with no or infrequent bleeding. Most rated the implant as "good to excellent", including 56/164 of those who discontinued its use in the first 12 months. DISCUSSION Implanon is acceptable contraception to women in all reproductive age groups. Change in bleeding patterns was the main cause for dissatisfaction. Providing women with detailed information before insertion of the implant is important.


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